Washmed aims to provide complete, safe and fast services.
Our latest generation washing station is able to provide in a short time a cycle of reclamation of tanks and trucks thanks to four tracks equipped with a state of the art computerized system run by highly trained and highly qualified technicians.

General services

  • Heating with steam and electricity

    We carry out the activity of heating products subject to a controlled temperature system in tanks and tank containers.
    The heating service can be done by steam and electricity 24h / 24h upon reservation 24 hours after the arrival of the vehicle.

  • Washing

    We offer chemical and food washing.

  • Deodorization

    Special treatment at the end of washing to absorb unpleasant smells of the product previously delivered. In order to ensure complete reclamation.

  • Sealing

    With this operation we offer a further guarantee. At the end of the wash and a careful check, we apply our seals to demonstrate the correct cleaning of the vehicle.

  • Hot air drying

    Internal drying of silos and tanks thanks to steam powered heat exchangers, treated by filtering panels with EU4 filtering capacity to ensure total absence of slag.

Specific services for tank container

  • Handling and storage of full and empty tanks

  • Pressure test

  • General remodeling

  • 150 l / min high pressure with rotating cleaning head machine at 110bar specific for tank containers

Washing truck

  • Trailer

  • Tractor

  • Inside and Outboard Boxes

Services for drivers

  • Showers

  • WC

  • Refreshments

  • Pay with cards

  • Fax and email services